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The Ultimate Detroit <> Silicon Valley Mashup?

Ford and Automatic Labs are announcing today a collaboration to develop new connected car experiences for Ford and Lincoln drivers. We’re working together to roll out new connected car solutions over the next several months to help our shared customers be smarter, safer drivers. 

Our first project essentially supercharges the Ford Sync button. Now Ford drivers can use the push-to-talk button on their steering wheel to launch either Sync or Siri on their iPhone. Drivers can even control the “Internet of Things” right from their steering wheel. You can do things like set your Nest thermostat on the way home, send a text message when you leave the office, or turn on the lights at home —  all with the push of a button. (I’ve been bugging folks all morning from the Techonomy Detroit conference where we’re announcing our partnership by Sync-tweeting from my Explorer!). 

I’m really excited about this collaboration because we are creating new-to-the-world solutions that neither of us could have built without working together. 

I think this partnership will start a whole new level of collaboration between Detroit and Silicon Valley. And I think customers are going to love the great things that come out of it.



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