An abridged history of value creation by the founder...

Stealth Mode


Forgive us for sounding a little too mysterious, self-important, or cliche, but our current project falls into the category of stealth-mode startup. Stay tuned as we will be providing updates shortly. But for now, we’re aiming to keep the competition on their heels.

Viper Home

During my tenure as steward of the Viper brand, I was intently focused on bringing a freshness and technological relevance to this brand’s fantastic legacy of car security. The Viper brand is practically synonymous with security, and as the market for car alarms had long passed its glory days, we looked for a way to leverage the brand to enter a growth category. Based on my lessons learned building a business in the home security market, I saw an opportunity to develop a differentiated solution that could be disruptive to the traditional home security industry. 

We mapped out a solution designed to solve the key problems with traditional home security offerings (i.e. they are too expensive and largely ineffective — just to name two) and put a small agile development team together to help execute the vision. In October 2013, we launched the world’s first integrated home and car security solution in Best Buy. 

Control home lighting and locks, receive video verified security notifications, even receive notifications if your teen is driving unsafely — all from your smartphone.  

Viper SmartStart

In 2008, soon after Apple enabled the smartphone revolution with the iPhone and App Store, I began developing the solution that would define the Connected Car category for years to come. In 2009, Viper SmartStart was launched and a new era of smartphone car connectivity was introduced. Viper SmartStart enables users to start, unlock, and monitor their car from anywhere with their smartphone. 

The product was so revolutionary at the time that it garnered massive media attention including coverage in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and CNN. It was featured in an iPhone TV ad and even showed up in the Tonight Show and Jimmy Fallon late night monologues. 

The solution, which carries a patent in my name, was introduced years before any automaker or competitor had anything similar on the drawing board. To this day, Viper SmartStart holds over 80% category market share in the automotive aftermarket.  

LiveSmart Security

In the role of primary of seed investor and advisor, I helped launch a company with a revolutionary new approach to home security. Unlike the traditional incumbents like ADT who rely on fear-based marketing and long-term contracts, we built a business differentiated on high customer service and technology-centric solutions. 

We grew the business until we exited the investment with an asset sale to Alarm Capital Alliance in 2012.  


Long before there was Y-Combinator, there was TechSpace. We didn’t have Paul Graham, but we did build one of the first for-profit accelerators for tech start-ups. In January 2000 (yes, days before the dot-com crash), we launched a start-up focused on providing workspace and technology infrastructure for high-growth companies. Despite the headwinds of the market crash, we proceeded to raise over $75 million in equity capital, operationalize multiple locations from New York to California, and build out one of the first IaaS solutions in the industry.  

As CEO, I led the company through a battlefield of fallen tech startups, managing anxious customers and impatient investors (including IBM and Microsoft) on a path to sustained profitability.  

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